Taco Tuesday?


Taco Tuesday? Maybe. Depends on if the store has the fixings. Joe will find out today. One trip to the store per week or less often if we can swing that. John Michael needs some more things too.

John Michael had a wonderful birthday yesterday. Thanks to everyone who wished him well. 🙂


Not much to say today other than some planning and working. Overcast today again, not too cheery. Joe got an early birthday present today though. 🙂 He is excited to give it a taste tonight I think.


Have a great day!


John turns 4!

Happy Monday to you all! Today my son John Michael turned 4. Hard to believe- time flies.

Last night we made car cookies. That look a little like they are jail cookies that have already been in a crash…hahaha.


I also tried my hand at making a big chocolate chip cookie in the cast iron. Wow was that ever good. Like a cookie pie. Mom got me this cookbook which has lots of cool recipes in it. I plan to try more. I’m not usually a baker (I enjoy cooking a LOT more) so most of the recipes will not be desserts that I make. Although the cast iron is appealing for those who don’t like baking because most of them are like throw it in there and walk away. I like that!

This morning we followed the routine and I did some work for school (meetings and budget stuff) but John was on the birthday club and we made a nice little breakfast. We also went for a walk in the sunshine before it turned cloudy! Some nice artwork today too.



Tonight we FaceTime with Grandma Lu and Grandpa Mike to open their present and sing him happy birthday. 🙂 Not quite like being in person but still pretty fun.

And just for some quarantine laughs? This song is my jam…


Hope everyone has a great week!

A Rainy Weekend

Afternoon all!

Dreary again. More rain. Hoping to see some sun soon. However, it was a very pleasant weekend. Full of lots of conversations with friends and family. Got the workouts in. Also full of good food and music. And…. my project to be distributed this week is done!!! Watch party anyone??? Stay tuned.


Couple of my favorite hymns this morning, How Great Thou Art and Abide With Me. Haha this first part of the video cracks me up…


Really nice church service this morning from the local church we go to. Check it out at the following link if you like: Sunday March 29 (Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Green Bay).

Just a few cool videos of these two neat hymns. These are not part of the church service above (still should check that out). But I love these.

Abide With Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84YASWe3_2Q

How Great Thou Art: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BL06fxHPVo


In other news, good foods were cooked! Steak w/ potatoes and carrots, and Sunday morning cinnamon rolls.

So, I think today we will take a drive in the rain and enjoy some family time before we go back to work tomorrow. My mom got us an herb garden for inside which will be fun to check out. We will also make some car cookies for someone’s 4th birthday tomorrow!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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Friday, Friday, Friday

Hello there friends. We made it through another week.  😊

Not too much to say today. I did the normal routine and got some school stuff done. Checked in with the kids. Had some meetings. (John Michael likes to interrupt every meeting). Another win? It is pajama day!

The house is trashed no matter what we do, so eh. I think I will work on a fun project instead.



We have been good about not leaving our house for anything except when groceries are hardcore needed. We finally hit that day today so I went out to the store. The positive of the day was just getting to drive my Jeep for the first time in days. It’s supposed to be raining for the whole weekend so maybe we might just take a family drive to nowhere. Not get out or anything but just a drive to drive.

I find myself daydreaming that if we were in the normal school year we would be stressing over last minute details of solo and ensemble. Marinette was up to host this year. I think about the normal events all not happening and it can be a quick downer. So I’m forcing myself to think about the pros of the situation. One of them? Tonight I will get to sit down and eat dinner again with my family. We’ve been really intentional with this and it’s now what I most look forward to each day.


It’s been my goal to get John to eat at the table with us and I’m finding he is liking it more and more. He asks to light the candle everyday and wants to sit in the big chairs with us. He even tried my pasta last night! (We want him to eat our foods more and more, instead of being picky). The other favorite part of my day is jamming to music while we sit after dinner or cleaning up. This little gem happened after dinner last night. HILARIOUS.

This weekend I will have some virtual hangouts with some friends of mine I haven’t talked to in quite awhile and we will also call up both Joe’s and my family too on FaceTime. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Oh Hello Thursday!

Good afternoon!

We are a bit behind schedule here it seems on this bright and sunny afternoon! However, John thought it would be a great idea to wake up at 1am and then again at 3:45am and didn’t sleep all that great. Got me some more sleep and then did the exercises! Kept the routine, just a bit later today.

It is so nice and sunny! Brightens the mood. Yesterday JM and I made signs because I was inspired by the sidewalk chalk messages someone made. Made me want to make some encouraging signs for delivery workers. Through this process John wrote his name ALL on his own! So proud of him!


Today it is Jersey Day “at school.” Baseball is pushed back but still in the opening day spirit! I also usually make or post memes for my HS Band during regular session. No reason to stop now, right?

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 1.21.13 PM


Overall, it’s been a fun couple days of virtual meetings (love seeing co-workers!) and hanging out with the family. Talked to Nana Lynn and Papa D on FaceTime yesterday which was very nice!




So I think we will take an afternoon walk and then make some pasta from Hello-Fresh. The sun perks me up and should be good to get some fresh air. Possibly a little Brooklyn Nine-Nine later? (Thanks Rachel and Alex for the recommendation… it is hilarious!)










Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!







Well good morning!

It is a dreary Wednesday morning. I think we are supposed to get some snow later or something sloshy. I had a hard time getting it going this morning, but I did it. Pilates today!

Yesterday yet again changed things for us. We were already staying home but the official order came down and only essential business can run which changes things a bit for Joe’s job. As of right now things are fine but just might look a little differently. Keeping a good thought there. So it was just another day of change. I’m getting the idea we will be better as a family through this journey with learning to live a bit more in the moment. It’s something that is always said and we’ve always said but we really need to put it into practice now more than ever.

So yesterday John Michael woke up at 5:30, way earlier than need be and then didn’t take a nap. You can also see why it was a long day. But today I got the blessing of being able to wake up and do my exercise in peace and will soon be having a conference meeting digitally with music colleagues in the area. So that will be nice.

Also nice? The pork tenderloin dinner I made last night. It was great! The rosemary smelled so good.





John played with his beloved Magna-tiles again and made a “famous house”. And who says you can’t have spirt week when you are at home? Yesterday was school colors/crazy hair day. I don’t know about the crazy hair but here’s my school colors!


Hope you all have a great day! I am off to the “meeting”… 🙂


Good morning!

For me, in a new routine or situation, the first few follow-up days are the hardest for me. The “newness” wears off and you have to dig deep. My work-out was hard this morning but I did it. Discipline is choosing what you want most over what you want right now.


4 year olds mess up everything up. 5:30 and he’s awake. Why???!!! But I worked out anyway. Joe took one for the team so I could and I’m sure he didn’t plan on waking up at 5:30. I also took one for the team I suppose because this is supposed to be my dedicated work-time alone and now a toddler plays nearby. Ah well. If that’s the worst of our problems, I’ll take it everyday. It goes without saying that many have it much worse and much more uncertain at the moment. It’s just an update of what went on this morning.

I think my number one goal for this quarantine is to get my morning routine nailed into place because I can (with an adjustment of an hour) keep it when going back to work on site. I will chip away at the other things. I’ll of course work on teacher things, photography things, toddler things, and home things. I’m trying not to do what I normally do- try to do all the things to the extreme. Doesn’t work. My primary goal is that I am trying to make the best of the situation to honor all those who have it much worse than me- the people working in stores, hospitals, delivery workers, people who have lost their job or are laid off, sick people, those who lost people due to this… the list goes on.

Today we will take a walk but I hear it is supposed to be a bit warmer and I’m hoping maybe a little less gloomier, so probably will wait a bit to see if that happens. We’ll do a little reading, a little artwork, and a little building. Maybe a little digital clean-up. Tonight going to make a Hello-Fresh meal my friend Amy gifted me, thanks Amy! I checked in with the students and sent them a daily meme… I know how much they miss my memes. Probably not at all!


John Michael playing with his Magna-Tiles!

So, need something funny? I don’t think there’s any doubt where my son got his sweet moves.


And with that, what’s everyone doing today?

COVID-19 Day 5

Good morning! Since my last post, which was quite awhile ago (woops), life is very different. The COVID-19 virus has hit the United States and for the first time in US History in 100 years we have a pandemic going on. As a result, there is a quarantine going on and we are on day 5. Schools, restaurants, bars, gatherings of 10 or more, all shut down. Many businesses asking workers to work from home or also shut down. Social distancing isn’t really what Pam and Jim were doing below but I like it. 🙂

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 9.05.03 AM

My husband works for Schneider. He too, is working from home. So we spent most of the end of last week getting office spaces set up for him and for me. And a schedule made so that I could still keep John on track with his early learning. It was a definite adjustment that we are still trying to figure out. Although, Joe’s office is pretty cool and comes with a service dog!


It feels very surreal. I keep thinking I’ll wake up and we will be back to normal. But we will adjust and we will make the best of the situation.

I have to hand it to my mother, she was worried about this long before we were. I really didn’t think it was a big deal at first. Kudos to her tenacity at keeping after us. She’s a good mom.

Anyway, I’ve come full circle and I am glad I at least listened to her when I could make some choices that could make a difference. We aren’t hoarding but we have a few supplies on hand so that we can limit trips to the store so that it is only when it is completely necessary. Only what we need though. Not anything in excess. I’m taking seriously the recommendation to stay in and not disobey the quarantine. We have “met” friends for drinks virtually which actually turned out to be quite fun! We only leave the house to take a walk (alone). I’ve had more time to talk to friends in email and messages, which has been nice.

While this whole thing is frightening and we sure hope that my grandfather, father, and older brother (who has Down Syndrome) do not get it, there are some positives I am trying to focus on. I’ve always been naturally optimistic and I just have to keep at that to get through this hard time.

It has forced me (a person who often says yes to everything) to slow down. Be intentional. Be present with my family. Cook long dinners. Work out. Get enough sleep (I slept for almost 8 hours last night with no phone in my room and woke up ridiculously rested for the first time in a LONG time). Think creatively about how to still instruct my music students. Teach my son and spend quality time with him. Document and laugh at his funny sayings. Connect with my husband. Write and read more. Talk to my friends and family more via emails/FaceTime.  Get off technology but still catch up on some funny comedies and a cool political drama my friends recommended. Work on my photography.

I have always been type A. I like that feeling of control and organization of my life. So this will force me to go with the flow more. But, I do have some control over things. I can control my response to it. As is typical of me, I made a schedule (hahaha go ahead and laugh). I am choosing to look at the positive. I’m seeing how I can help businesses and such any chance I get. I am focusing on myself and trying to improve.


This is a hard season of life for many people. Jobs are uncertain. The economy will be rough for awhile. Everyone is adjusting to the unknown really. So far we are lucky. While this is an adjustment for us, many people have it much worse. And some are sick. So we will do what we can.

Yesterday I listened to a wonderful sermon given digitally by our church. I’ll share that link here. https://vimeo.com/399479455 (The sermon is March 22. The announcements video has a very encouraging message too after he’s done with announcements).

The other day I taught my son art (yikes) and we did some music. Reading and building, Playing and moving. Today we will do more of the same.


So far today? I slept 8 hours last night with no technology in my bedroom. I got up at 6am and worked out. I made my bed. I had a great conference call with a co-worker and taught him Google Hangouts. Made lists and planned.

Now… as you can see on my schedule, it’s past 9am! Time to get on that walk with the dog and kid!