Congrats Grads!

Definitely a different graduation this year, but also special because it was different.

John Michael loved the car parade. Remi “loved” delivering signs with me around town. 🙂

The virtual graduation ceremony turned out lovely. They prerecorded it and it was released today. More thoughts to come on my band seniors this week- few more things to do. For now, congratulations to all graduates! I also wish my Lena students congrats too! They look like they’ve had some special events recently.

So Remi and I took a nice walk outside and it’s gorgeous. Will see Joe’s parents today for the first time in a long time which should be really nice. 🙂

John was explaining the train falling in Back to the Future Part III.

Have a nice weekend!


“You have to cuddle your mom and dad inside when it storms outside, right mom?” Then gives me a hug. ❤️

“Mom, when water goes down the drain, it goes to be cleaned so that it is safe for everyone!”

These are John’s thoughts of the day. 


Sun and Rain

Some things I love. Feeling proud after a hard workout in heat and humidity. Remember that glass of water? A haircut and color after months of going gray. Good foods like shrimp pasta and tostadas. Watching John run in the sprinkler. Rain through the open window as I work. Laughing at John’s sour cream taco.


What to know something I don’t like? This stool. Finding this stool around the house means a certain person is up to things…


Down to the grind. Did a LOT of grading and communication today and last couple days. Busy busy. Got a lot of curriculum work done. Rainy but liked it.



Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Evenin’ to all on this sticky humid night. Bit behind today on the post but did lots of good work for school. The weekend was wonderful! We did go to Elk Rapids (which is north of Traverse City). Now, before you question my judgment here, we only went to my parents/grandfather’s house and there was never more than 10 people. We didn’t go anywhere while there and we’d all been quarantined prior to this. My grandfather is older and we have some immune compromised people in the family so it made the most sense to go now. While things are starting to open back up, we felt that since it was in the early stage it was the best window of time to go to their house. We will be responsible.

It was Papa D’s birthday awhile back so we gave him some presents!

The weather was great for the most part and the foods even better.

Enjoyed some time in the hot tub and a fire on the deck. JM even got to play in the pool his Nana and Papa got him to hang in. John Michael said he had so much fun! I enjoyed my run along the lake.

When I got home, Jess had left this cozy blanket on my doorstep! Thanks Jess 🙂 I love it!


And onto the real reason for the season. I am and will always be forever grateful for the sacrifices men and women have made for our country. Thank you will never be enough really. Normally, I have my students participate in Memorial Day services every year. Since that could not happen, I participated in Taps Across America. It was an honor. Thank you to all who gave the ultimate sacrifice.


Haircuts and funny things

Well… I gave it my best try cutting the hair of a squirmy 4 year old and my husband. Joe’s hair was significantly easier because he sits still. Still gotta work up the nerve to fix the top of his hair some more today. And John’s needs some tweaking. Still… they look a little less shaggy. Do not think I will add hair stylist to my resume. haha.

John Michael has this dog that John Fay got him- this big stuffed lab. I am always shouting at that thing thinking it’s Remi. Pretty hilarious. I walked into the back bedroom and he put this dog in the crate. hahahaha.

Beautiful day here. Some things to get done school-wise. Might just have to do some grading on the back porch!





“I’m berry disappointed.”

“I’m just a little bit sad now.” He also says, “I’m so sad now.”

“Mom, I want to do something. Can we go to Old McDonald’s and get some chickens, fries, and even white milk? I want those fries. Not the ones we have here.”