Pan Fried Chicken

This was pretty good. Wasn’t among my favorites, but tasty. It was also very low in calories and healthy- really loved the fresh feel. The chicken just had a spice rub on it and was fried in the cast iron. The salad is pickled shallot and charm tomatoes. And simple garlic butter roasted corn on the cob. Hot sauce mixed with sour cream made an extra little spice for the chicken too. A very summer dish!


Foods and Friends

So I made a couple of really good Blue Apron dishes recently. Chicken with tomatillo salsa and Mexican tortas. Both were really good!

My good friends from college, Katie and Jess, are arriving today for a girls weekend. I think I went a little overboard on the food but definitely excited for their company!

Have a good weekend friends!


Hello, Goodbye!

Said goodbye to my old Jeep Liberty that I had for 7 years! Said hello to a Jeep Wrangler. Car of my dreams! Bought it from my mom. She paid for it to get all shined up. Love it so far!!!

Fun story. Drove me new wrangler to the store with JM. When we came out of the store I was parked across from a silver Librerty. Looked so much like my old car. You just know it when you see it. Sure enough, when JM and I drove around to the other side, I could see the Fox Marquette logo. Just neat that we saw someone bought it!