H & J

It’s our signature. When we are at a wedding where there is a photobooth, you are supposed to take 4 photos. When I went to my friend’s wedding a little over a year and a half ago, they had a photobooth. J and I messed up and left accidentally after the third picture. Woops. So now we just decided it’s going to be a thing.

This is us at Joe’s cousin Danny’s wedding to his new wife Carrie. Nailed it!




Blue Apron

So one of my best friends Katie, sent me a free box from Blue Apron. I’ve been really impressed so far. It’s been really fun to just cook and not worry about all the shopping- yet still eat really well with quality ingredients.


This is one I made last night. Pork with mustard sauce, barley with onions and carrots, topped with cucumber and tarragon.


Spinach cannelloni with a salad. This had ricotta cheese in it too. Very good.


Spicy cajun chicken with a potato salad and red cabbage slaw. Really liked this one.


Seared steak with fingerling potatoes and salad. This was also really good but I overcooked my red onions. Woops.


Tonight I am making soy marinated chicken thighs. Really excited about that one!



Hello everyone! Man, trying to come up with the perfect name for something is really hard. I have varied interests and really didn’t want to set up separate sites for different aspects of my life.

I’m a type A organizational person (I know- those that know me well are shocked) and wanted my blog to be in one spot! I have a love of my family and friends (of course!), teaching and music, photography, cooking, and home improvement. So- hence the name WiscoMichigan Life. Although I do love traveling, I was born and raised in Michigan- the best state there is! My parents and family still live there and we go there a ton. And I live in Wisconsin, also a very nice state (except for those Packers!).  So, my past and present is in the name!

The name is also a nod to a fun friend I had in college named Sean. He thought we should rename Lake Michigan to WiscoMichigan. (NO- that would be a very bad idea- just stating my opinion on that right now!) In his words, “We can’t let Michigan have everything!” But he was funny and I will use his little name. Lake Michigan is very properly named and it better not change!

Alright, so hopefully I don’t regret this name tomorrow… here’s to hoping. 🙂

So- more to come! For now, it would be nice if we had a solid day without rain!


My husband Joe and me in front of LAKE MICHIGAN 🙂