Today will be better…

Right? 4 years old is supposed to be better than 3 and yet, I haven’t seen the data in our household to support that theory. Deep breath. Going to do some intentional activities today with him although it looks a bit cloudy. I have some deadlines for work ahead and I also have to stay focused on this. Joe’s job has him in meetings a lot, so it’s not too flexible as of yet and he can help with JM but not until the evening. So long days. John didn’t do what he was supposed to do yesterday so he lost some privileges. Cue the whining and crying because I held him to it. Exhausting, but I did not give in! I also wasn’t too happy they kept the polls open today. Seems stupid… I voted absentee.

We have it good. We are healthy, we have jobs (not on the front line like some do! Thank you to all that do!!!), we have shelter, we have food. That is all we need. Many many people don’t have that. Will channel up the positive and laugh lots today. Gotta keep it together!

One thing I am proud of in the chaos of yesterday is that around 3pm while juggling work and John’s attitude, I got really stressed and was on the point of a breakdown. But I flipped a switch and started cleaning the living room when John Michael was driving me crazy. That lead to us cleaning up the kitchen and then playing with tiles, and then the train kinda came back on the rails by the time I had to start making dinner. So that’s a win. I think everyone is under a lot of stress and it would have been perfectly understandable for me to just freak out for a second and sit down on the couch. Normally I would have. So that was my small win that is going to help me get through today. Must have been my podcasts!


In other news, last night’s dinner was amazing! Mom got us a Butcher Box a bit ago (thanks Mom!) and there are some good meats in there. Last night I made spicy pork chops, sweet potatoes, and green beans. I will be making that again. Tasty. Tonight is Salmon!

Also in looking for the positive…Day 17 of moving the body daily. Well on my way to a consistent morning routine!


Alrighty. Time to see what the world is up to. OH!!! Here is something amazing! Romeo High School Robotics has been helping with the cause and they even got a mention on John Krasinski’s show! I’m proud of their good deed. Not gonna lie, hearing John Krasinski say “Romeo High School” was not too bad either. And Hamilton? WHAT. This was amazing. Check that out…


Now… let’s hope for a good Tuesday! Time to go to work. Here we go kids…



(Note: We didn’t get out of the car, just dropped off some checks at the bank!)


My Monday reminder is to reach for joy. Not going to lie, there have been some hard moments here. I’m reminding myself to stay present as much as I can and embrace the time with my son. Hopefully today is better. In other news, I am “that annoying person” who just has to set up virtual nerdy get togethers. 😉 I’m so glad I am that person. Not gonna apologize for that because I think it’s been wonderful to keep us connected and keep us sane. Lots of hangouts with family and friends.

Virtual hangouts aren’t really a new thing for my parents and us because we did usually FaceTime pretty often before all of this. (They live in Michigan, us in Wisconsin). We are still trying to do it more with them too. Yesterday JM told his Nana Lynn that “she was a sweet one.” Awwww. And they did the usual. Watched him sink baskets and run all around. 🙂 I bet it was pretty exciting.


My brother John and his girlfriend, Christie.

Last night I decided to set one up so that my brother John and his girlfriend Christie could join us for a game of Heads Up. That game is usually one of our go-to’s when we have family gatherings. I’m glad for this because we probably wouldn’t have had this hangout if it hadn’t been for the present situation. And it prompted us to keep on doing it more often virus or not. It was lots of fun. Apparently Wyoming is “that state that has nothing going on.” (According to Joe ahah)

Nothing beats being in person and that very real connection. But thank goodness for technology in our lives. It definitely makes life a little more enjoyable. Hope you all have a wonderful week. The sun is out!

The Sun Feels Good!

And I hear a lawnmower outside as I type this. Love that sound (and smell)! Someone is grilling too, so that’s cheerful.

John Michael and I planted an indoor herb garden yesterday! He is “so excited about mom’s garden!” They shorted us one little clear cap, so I had to get resourceful with the top to a toothpick container. I think it will work just fine.

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I guess I am liking to tell this story of our quarantine in mostly pictures. I know I’m slamming these posts with way too many photos and videos but it’s fun to look at the happy moments of our days. Like this face….


The Oskey talent show was yesterday on Zoom too. JM did a dance and then made a free throw. Pretty much the greatest. hahaha.

Otherwise lots of sunshine and happiness yesterday. We had a little FaceTime with Grandma Lu and Grandpa Mike. Aunt Jess got him a new vehicle shirt for his birthday and a truck w/ cars. He had fun playing with those too!

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And this sign outside the liquor store? haha.  Not sure it’s “essential” but it makes me chuckle.

img_4521Again…why these shirts???


We ended the day yesterday reading “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.”


Today we are playing with trains, took a walk outside, and called up Nana Lynn and Papa D.

Working on some household chores, cleaning and laundry. Planning for the week and got our monthly menu planned. Joe did some grocery shopping and I think we will be good for groceries for about 2 weeks.


I think I have issues with rainbow schedules…

John’s Thoughts Today

“We saw that mom, one time ago, last year on a Monday.”(Referring to a fly on the window that we actually saw yesterday)

I didn’t shut the sliding glass door all the way and he says, “Mom, I was disappointed.”

“This is a famous train!” (I think he meant ‘favorite’)

“He’s gonna fall and break his muscles!” 

Hit and Miss

Friday was interesting. Started off pretty good but then it was a very busy and stressful day. John Michael was trying. We did have some good moments amidst all the chaos.

Our district released the video for positive vibes. Love it!!!

Marinette Is All in This Together!– Click here!

Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 10.29.26 AM

The cameraman blasted through all my film but he sure is cute and look at his creations. 🙂

And he built some buildings and painted some paintings.

We are stellar parents (nope) and our child listens to us (nope).

We talked with our buddies virtually again. Lots of laughs. At one point the screen froze and this is funny to me. haha. Why did it do this… so great.


I also forgot to brag on my husband, Joe from Monday! Our kitchen drawers like to break a lot (the tracks just don’t hold up). In these quarantine times, he resourcefully fixed the drawers without going to get new parts. Way to be J!


So Saturday? Well it’s been a relaxing little morning. Did a little walk while I listened to a podcast I missed in the craziness of yesterday. Enjoying some coffee. Might do some things today. Like maybe clean closets or something. Definitely gonna put a little garden together my mom sent me. 🙂 Gotta do something with my face. Yikes.

In random thoughts- why these shirts??? Just why? Pretty sure lots of things make a life worth people’s time. haha.


I’m really proud of the way the house is coming together. I think that candle right up front brings the room together perfectly! John Michael really knows how to spruce up a space.


Alright. Better get going. Hope you all have a good day!

A happy dog.

As I continue to look for the good in our new life, Remi has to be at the top of my list. She thinks this is greatest thing ever. All her people home all day long. Long walks and playing fetch. She is content and happy.


This morning she lays beside my desk and it makes me feel good too. Although, she did also make me make the bed around her today. She must be tired from all her extra exercise. 🙂


She’s pretty happy. She and John ran around in the warm sunshine yesterday which was lots of fun.


We had a good day yesterday.  Got a lot done work-wise and home-wise. Here’s a few photos of our good day. 🙂

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Looking forward to a nice day today. Got up at 6am. The alarm across the room, while brutal, worked pretty well. I got up at my target time and did the workout. Got some things posted for the kids and will soon be off to a meeting. Going to be busy at work today.

Pretty morning sun and coffee. Great start to the day!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Probably only funny to me…

So just decided to add a little section on here for the things John Michael says day to day. Probably only funny (or cute) to us, but that’s ok. Brings me cheer! Here’s a few he’s said lately and I plan to add more as they come…

Me: “John, what are you doing?”

John Michael: “I was just outside. You don’t need to panic about that.”

(Joe sneezes) “Bless you, Daddy. You’re welcome, Daddy.” (awww)

“We gotta put that in the cycle can.” (He means the recycle bin)

“Next week I can do that.” (He doesn’t have a good concept of time…)

“The tank is going to be empty soon.” (In reference to milk in his cup)

“Puppy is in danger! We got to save her before she falls into the water!” (His toy puppy is in the basketball net)

(Measures Joe with a tape measure) “I’ll tell you how many minutes you are.”

“Nailed it!”

“Yes I did say sorry. Last year!” (Again not really good concept of time…)

“Something’s wrong (with this).”

“I’m just pretending (tending).” (Only issue is that he actually does it…)

“Yeah, I totally did.”

“I totally love it.”

“Member that?” (Remember that?)

“What the heck?”

“That doesn’t make any sense.” (Basically whenever HE doesn’t agree…)

“I can carry 2 and a half.” (When he really carries 2 things)

“I only played with one toy and a half.” 

“Are those your beards?” (Beers)




‘Tis Thursday!


It is beautiful outside. I love the warmth and the sunshine. We have already been out one time but will go out again this afternoon. So lovely. Enjoy that!


So darn. I overslept today. Kinda mad that happened but got after the normal routine at 7ish. Ah well. Will put the alarm across the room tonight. Really want to get up at 6am so I can have time to myself. Try, try again. But got the exercises done, and took a walk with John and Remi while Joe had a morning meeting. Then came back and had some meetings with students and worked for a bit. John made a beautiful painting for Nana Lynn!



So Joe started a new assignment at work- helping out HR. So he was busy with meetings all morning. But check out his new chair I “built” for him. Pretty slick. 



Alrighty. Back to some jobs of work here. Get out and enjoy that sunshine! Feels so good! Reminds me of a song… 😉



Late afternoon yesterday. Beautiful sun then too!