We’re Getting The Band Back Together

Kind of anyway. We have the kids all split up and separated. I see them twice a week at the high school depending on last name. Once a week for the middle school. It will definitely be interesting. TONS of safety procedures.  Here we go.


It was a very good week but crazy busy. I am alive and 35. A nice birthday even if there were a few protests and stresses. Had a great dinner and lots of good presents!

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Ended my birthday doing a senior shoot. Some fun shots!

Today I finished up some preparations in the classroom after a nice walk with Remi.


JM’s first day of 4k! He did pretty good I hear. We really wanted to put him in Montessori this year but it just wasn’t in the cards with this Covid stuff. So he does 4K at his current school and they do a nice job there too. I’m really hoping for next year. But safest for now which is most important.

Made a nice dinner with carrots from Joe’s grandma’s garden.

And so I best get to bed. Here goes… Day 1 of whatever this year is…





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