“You know mom?” or “You know dad?” or sometimes, “You know?” 

I tell him something. He says “no mom.” as if he’s got some great argument to refute me. But it’s usually just what he wants to do on repeat. 

I tell him we are dropping something off at a friend of ours. He asks if he has any kids. I say no, and then he says, “oh. Who’s his big girl then?” (haha just a distinction between kids and adults but funny. Like I’m Joe’s big girl because I am a grown-up and we are married.) 

Now his big thing is to be nosy. When we go to a new place or new house. He says he just has to “go inside and check what they got.” No, you do not. 🙂 


“You have to cuddle your mom and dad inside when it storms outside, right mom?” Then gives me a hug. ❤️

“Mom, when water goes down the drain, it goes to be cleaned so that it is safe for everyone!”

These are John’s thoughts of the day. 



“I’m berry disappointed.”

“I’m just a little bit sad now.” He also says, “I’m so sad now.”

“Mom, I want to do something. Can we go to Old McDonald’s and get some chickens, fries, and even white milk? I want those fries. Not the ones we have here.” 


“And then, the volcano will eruff!!!!” (Erupt) 

I told him he had to eat his food so that he could grow big and strong. “Or else I’ll turn back into a baby, right mom?”

“It will grow way way way high up into the sky!!!”