“It’s a nice day, but the sun is setting isn’t it?

“Jaxon brought windows.” (To the party)

“I didn’t do it on purpose.” (This is my son- apple doesn’t fall far from the tree).

“It’s your birthday at home!”


I was born with a droopy right eye. John was born with a droopy left one. Mine was definitely worse before I had two eye surgeries. Throughout my childhood and life, I have had to physically lift the right eye in pictures to make my eyes a bit more even. “Lift your eye” or “open your eye” was pretty common to hear.


I found myself saying it to John Michael the other day when we were taking pictures. Then I hear him say, “Mom, I want to take a picture of us with my eye open!” Awww.

First Trip to the Dentist

Not really a “funny” John Michael moment, although he said lots of hilarious stuff to the hygienist and dentist. His imagination is through the roof. They had cloud covers on the fluorescent lights. So he was telling her about how they fell from the sky and landed there. And all these elaborate things for how he thinks the water gun works there. With hand gestures.


He did a pretty good job. He never really likes laying on his back but then he realized they wouldn’t hold him down (like when he gets a shot, which is the part he hates more than the shot). So he was just fine after that.

Talked away and thought it was the greatest thing. She said they normally clean the front ones on the first visit but because he did well, they did them all. He let them scrape, floss, and buzz his teeth with the motor toothbrush. Said he was doing a good job brushing and he got a prize. 🙂


“Are we gonna stop at Wendy’s house?” (referring to when we stopped at Wendy’s on the way back from Elk Rapids for dinner). 

“Does she have a really big house?”

“Mom, I want to go to Wendy’s restaurant, ok?”

It’s probably a sign I have watched too much Brooklyn Nine-Nine when John walks up to me and says the end credits, “Fremulon. Not a doctor.”