Back at it

So my nice computer broke. Or well, kept turning off randomly for no reason. This is my iMac and the one I do all my photography editing on. A huge deal. Joe took it down and we got it looked at. So back up and running and hasn’t turned off. Yet.

Bit behind on my blog posts. School has been both stressful and busy. I’m extremely happy to be back in front of the kids but it is weird. The hallways are so much more quiet than they used to be. When I’m teaching it’s like being an actor on a stage where the audience has no reaction. This sea of masks. I have always felt teaching is sort of like being a comedian because you need the back and forth. So it’s weird. I laugh and joke anyway. Maybe they are laughing in there. It’ll be better as we start to play. Friday was better because of that. My brother installed a new radio in my car and it is life changing!

I’ve been doing a lot of photography things and now that my computer is fixed again, I can get back into the project for mom. I also figured out how to use my off camera flashes. They are strobe lights with a trigger and I can use them to get great portraits when lighting is more challenging. I think the next thing I need to buy for my portraits is a new umbrella and a reflector. I have another senior shoot coming up and a wedding the weekend after. Some architecture shots for my family friend in October. Hopefully get mom’s memoir project done early this fall too. After those projects are done I really want to be able to sit down and get all these photographs organized on discs and the old family photos scanned. Takes time.

Last weekend we went to Elk Rapids for Labor Day. šŸ™‚ Good food at Modes.

Put up my Edison lights outside. Some fall decorations. Finally earlier than I normally do. I decided to put out my ghost earlier this year too. Mom’s ghost!

It is a nice day. I SHOULD do some weeding but maybe I won’t. We’ll see. I think I’m going to take Remi for a walk before the football games. We’ll see what happens with that. The Lions and Packers are on at the same time. House divided. I will watch the Lions. Then we have to do some family photos for John’s school project. It begins. He’s been bringing his backpack home. He loves school. A chip off the old block.

A good sermon today. Marching band begins tomorrow and I have lots of grading to catch up on already. Here we go. Happy Sunday. šŸ™‚

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