10 year old me stares at me from a scanned photo of me and my brother on a Florida vacation. Doing our homework I think that we were missing back in Michigan. My grandmother had died the year before and I think Oompah was staying down there at the time for the winter.

Me: age 10. John: age 7

No phones other than a land line. No devices. My brother was in little league at the time and we’d go every time he had a game in the summer. I was always dancing. In fact, that shirt I’m wearing was for a tap dancing competition. The days seemed long and uneventful. I’d be off to middle school that fall. I miss it. (Well not middle school…. nope nope nope). I miss the simplicity of it. I remember my mother telling me she missed being young like that sometimes and I was incredulous. I couldn’t wait to grow up. I get that feeling now.

Remember when you’d call people up on this?

2 thoughts on “1995

  1. I absolutely detest what technology h as done to humanity. And I don’t think it’s just the normal old people being nostalgic thing. This has been horrible for humanity. Look at you guys. You are so cute!

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