Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Evenin’ to all on this sticky humid night. Bit behind today on the post but did lots of good work for school. The weekend was wonderful! We did go to Elk Rapids (which is north of Traverse City). Now, before you question my judgment here, we only went to my parents/grandfather’s house and there was never more than 10 people. We didn’t go anywhere while there and we’d all been quarantined prior to this. My grandfather is older and we have some immune compromised people in the family so it made the most sense to go now. While things are starting to open back up, we felt that since it was in the early stage it was the best window of time to go to their house. We will be responsible.

It was Papa D’s birthday awhile back so we gave him some presents!

The weather was great for the most part and the foods even better.

Enjoyed some time in the hot tub and a fire on the deck. JM even got to play in the pool his Nana and Papa got him to hang in. John Michael said he had so much fun! I enjoyed my run along the lake.

When I got home, Jess had left this cozy blanket on my doorstep! Thanks Jess 🙂 I love it!


And onto the real reason for the season. I am and will always be forever grateful for the sacrifices men and women have made for our country. Thank you will never be enough really. Normally, I have my students participate in Memorial Day services every year. Since that could not happen, I participated in Taps Across America. It was an honor. Thank you to all who gave the ultimate sacrifice.


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