COVID-19 Day 5

Good morning! Since my last post, which was quite awhile ago (woops), life is very different. The COVID-19 virus has hit the United States and for the first time in US History in 100 years we have a pandemic going on. As a result, there is a quarantine going on and we are on day 5. Schools, restaurants, bars, gatherings of 10 or more, all shut down. Many businesses asking workers to work from home or also shut down. Social distancing isn’t really what Pam and Jim were doing below but I like it. 🙂

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 9.05.03 AM

My husband works for Schneider. He too, is working from home. So we spent most of the end of last week getting office spaces set up for him and for me. And a schedule made so that I could still keep John on track with his early learning. It was a definite adjustment that we are still trying to figure out. Although, Joe’s office is pretty cool and comes with a service dog!


It feels very surreal. I keep thinking I’ll wake up and we will be back to normal. But we will adjust and we will make the best of the situation.

I have to hand it to my mother, she was worried about this long before we were. I really didn’t think it was a big deal at first. Kudos to her tenacity at keeping after us. She’s a good mom.

Anyway, I’ve come full circle and I am glad I at least listened to her when I could make some choices that could make a difference. We aren’t hoarding but we have a few supplies on hand so that we can limit trips to the store so that it is only when it is completely necessary. Only what we need though. Not anything in excess. I’m taking seriously the recommendation to stay in and not disobey the quarantine. We have “met” friends for drinks virtually which actually turned out to be quite fun! We only leave the house to take a walk (alone). I’ve had more time to talk to friends in email and messages, which has been nice.

While this whole thing is frightening and we sure hope that my grandfather, father, and older brother (who has Down Syndrome) do not get it, there are some positives I am trying to focus on. I’ve always been naturally optimistic and I just have to keep at that to get through this hard time.

It has forced me (a person who often says yes to everything) to slow down. Be intentional. Be present with my family. Cook long dinners. Work out. Get enough sleep (I slept for almost 8 hours last night with no phone in my room and woke up ridiculously rested for the first time in a LONG time). Think creatively about how to still instruct my music students. Teach my son and spend quality time with him. Document and laugh at his funny sayings. Connect with my husband. Write and read more. Talk to my friends and family more via emails/FaceTime.  Get off technology but still catch up on some funny comedies and a cool political drama my friends recommended. Work on my photography.

I have always been type A. I like that feeling of control and organization of my life. So this will force me to go with the flow more. But, I do have some control over things. I can control my response to it. As is typical of me, I made a schedule (hahaha go ahead and laugh). I am choosing to look at the positive. I’m seeing how I can help businesses and such any chance I get. I am focusing on myself and trying to improve.


This is a hard season of life for many people. Jobs are uncertain. The economy will be rough for awhile. Everyone is adjusting to the unknown really. So far we are lucky. While this is an adjustment for us, many people have it much worse. And some are sick. So we will do what we can.

Yesterday I listened to a wonderful sermon given digitally by our church. I’ll share that link here. (The sermon is March 22. The announcements video has a very encouraging message too after he’s done with announcements).

The other day I taught my son art (yikes) and we did some music. Reading and building, Playing and moving. Today we will do more of the same.


So far today? I slept 8 hours last night with no technology in my bedroom. I got up at 6am and worked out. I made my bed. I had a great conference call with a co-worker and taught him Google Hangouts. Made lists and planned.

Now… as you can see on my schedule, it’s past 9am! Time to get on that walk with the dog and kid!




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