Routines and Self-Discipline


Routines. Really thinking about how I want to structure our morning and evening routines as we head back to school. I’m a night person but really trying to see if I can get into the swing of a 4am wake-up time during the school year. That seems so hard. But when I think about it, during the year I always have to get up at 5am. I can’t get up any later than that because of my commute and the requirements of when I need to be at school.

The hard part is winding down at night to get me into that restorative sleep mode. I tend to like to read a lot of articles online or watch some comedy. I do read my kindle with my orange glasses on. But I think I need to get the orange glasses on earlier in the night. More like 2 hours prior to sleeping instead of my usual 1. Joe makes fun of my super cool glasses. haha. But reducing the screen time I think will help. Part of the issue is I think I read about ideas and then my brain gets all fired up. I think I need to not read self-development stuff at night and read more fiction at night instead. I did that last night and fell asleep earlier than I expected to. It’s my last day here with my son so I slept until 8am! When you consider I was sleeping around 9:30pm that is like 11.5 hours. Haha woops. That’s too much. I’d like to get into the sweet spot of 8 hours but only if that is my sweet spot. I’ve been reading about it and I think I’d like to see how much quality sleep I really need. Gotta do my own sleep study here.

I will say sleep has been my top priority since I started my “Start Today Journal.” It’s definitely gotten better than I used to be. The year before this one I was NOT getting enough sleep at all. I was super stressed out. If I was lucky I got 5 hours. Nope nope nope. So at least this year that’s improved by a lot. Still needs more improvement because I think if I can get to be a good sleeper, I’ll be even more healthy. Sleep is probably one of the most important pillars. Sleep, movement, good food.

So today trying to work on my schedules and routines and seeing what I can do about that. I really don’t want to be reactive to emails and to other people within the first hour of waking and before I go to sleep either. That’s a huge thing as well. So I’m going to try not to check my email in the morning. I’ll start with not checking it until school begins (7:30) and not after 6pm. But thinking more of doing set times throughout the day.

So then the self-discipline piece. I think my three major secondary goals are to be better disciplined with my finances, better with exercising (made god strides this summer) and better food. Sleep will be my primary goal because if I’m rested this self discipline will come easier. With my finances, it’s not that I want to spend money to have stuff. That’s not my thing. My crutch is that I want the office space to look just right. “If I just get these few things it’ll be perfect.” But then it never is and I tend to overbuy. I want my outfit to be just right. etc. I’m not a big shopper- in fact I hate it. Which I also think is part of the issue. I tend to buy things online so I don’t have to do it physically which is a bit more dangerous. So really going to watch it. Gotta shop my closet and make do at school with what we have. I have to identify my triggers and get some strategies in place before I buy things not truly needed.

I guess this post is not too interesting to read but it is my thoughts as I plan the year out today and in the next few days.

Have a wonderful day!

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