Good Conversations

Happy Wednesday. I don’t have too much to say today. Been a busy couple of days at work. Meetings and trainings. Have to go back up today in fact with son in tow so that we can do a few more errands and get things ready for our first home football game Friday. Seems like the games are earlier than when I was in high school but I think they do it to avoid going so much into October.

Joe and I had such a nice conversation last night about perspective and I got lots of new good winter literature ideas from my colleague for my 7th/8th grade band and high school band. We are in the middle of a curriculum review so I’m excited to get this stuff written. I feel like I’m in such a better place. This time last year I really didn’t know where anything even was, so to even get going on curriculum was sort of a nightmare. So I’m excited! Plus since I have a better grasp on the equipment and organization that’s more to my liking, I can really focus on the teaching and planning this year. At least that’s the hope.

So a short post today. I am off to get my son up and get him moving so we can get things done!

Random side note- I got things out of the garage! Large item pick up for trash today so I cleaned out a whole cabinet and got rid of some damaged things. The other day I got rid of a piano keyboard (the kind you roll up on a desktop). I used to have it in my old classroom in Lena. My co-worker mentioned she’d love one for her little kids (she didn’t see mine- she just happened to send me a picture of one she saw in the store). So I gave it to her and that feels good! She’s excited.

Alright- time to roll! 🙂 And look- my plant isn’t dead yet! (I tend to be band with plants…)


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