Good morning!

For me, in a new routine or situation, the first few follow-up days are the hardest for me. The “newness” wears off and you have to dig deep. My work-out was hard this morning but I did it. Discipline is choosing what you want most over what you want right now.


4 year olds mess up everything up. 5:30 and he’s awake. Why???!!! But I worked out anyway. Joe took one for the team so I could and I’m sure he didn’t plan on waking up at 5:30. I also took one for the team I suppose because this is supposed to be my dedicated work-time alone and now a toddler plays nearby. Ah well. If that’s the worst of our problems, I’ll take it everyday. It goes without saying that many have it much worse and much more uncertain at the moment. It’s just an update of what went on this morning.

I think my number one goal for this quarantine is to get my morning routine nailed into place because I can (with an adjustment of an hour) keep it when going back to work on site. I will chip away at the other things. I’ll of course work on teacher things, photography things, toddler things, and home things. I’m trying not to do what I normally do- try to do all the things to the extreme. Doesn’t work. My primary goal is that I am trying to make the best of the situation to honor all those who have it much worse than me- the people working in stores, hospitals, delivery workers, people who have lost their job or are laid off, sick people, those who lost people due to this… the list goes on.

Today we will take a walk but I hear it is supposed to be a bit warmer and I’m hoping maybe a little less gloomier, so probably will wait a bit to see if that happens. We’ll do a little reading, a little artwork, and a little building. Maybe a little digital clean-up. Tonight going to make a Hello-Fresh meal my friend Amy gifted me, thanks Amy! I checked in with the students and sent them a daily meme… I know how much they miss my memes. Probably not at all!


John Michael playing with his Magna-Tiles!

So, need something funny? I don’t think there’s any doubt where my son got his sweet moves.


And with that, what’s everyone doing today?

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