Friday, Friday, Friday

Hello there friends. We made it through another week.  😊

Not too much to say today. I did the normal routine and got some school stuff done. Checked in with the kids. Had some meetings. (John Michael likes to interrupt every meeting). Another win? It is pajama day!

The house is trashed no matter what we do, so eh. I think I will work on a fun project instead.



We have been good about not leaving our house for anything except when groceries are hardcore needed. We finally hit that day today so I went out to the store. The positive of the day was just getting to drive my Jeep for the first time in days. It’s supposed to be raining for the whole weekend so maybe we might just take a family drive to nowhere. Not get out or anything but just a drive to drive.

I find myself daydreaming that if we were in the normal school year we would be stressing over last minute details of solo and ensemble. Marinette was up to host this year. I think about the normal events all not happening and it can be a quick downer. So I’m forcing myself to think about the pros of the situation. One of them? Tonight I will get to sit down and eat dinner again with my family. We’ve been really intentional with this and it’s now what I most look forward to each day.


It’s been my goal to get John to eat at the table with us and I’m finding he is liking it more and more. He asks to light the candle everyday and wants to sit in the big chairs with us. He even tried my pasta last night! (We want him to eat our foods more and more, instead of being picky). The other favorite part of my day is jamming to music while we sit after dinner or cleaning up. This little gem happened after dinner last night. HILARIOUS.

This weekend I will have some virtual hangouts with some friends of mine I haven’t talked to in quite awhile and we will also call up both Joe’s and my family too on FaceTime. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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