John turns 4!

Happy Monday to you all! Today my son John Michael turned 4. Hard to believe- time flies.

Last night we made car cookies. That look a little like they are jail cookies that have already been in a crash…hahaha.


I also tried my hand at making a big chocolate chip cookie in the cast iron. Wow was that ever good. Like a cookie pie. Mom got me this cookbook which has lots of cool recipes in it. I plan to try more. I’m not usually a baker (I enjoy cooking a LOT more) so most of the recipes will not be desserts that I make. Although the cast iron is appealing for those who don’t like baking because most of them are like throw it in there and walk away. I like that!

This morning we followed the routine and I did some work for school (meetings and budget stuff) but John was on the birthday club and we made a nice little breakfast. We also went for a walk in the sunshine before it turned cloudy! Some nice artwork today too.



Tonight we FaceTime with Grandma Lu and Grandpa Mike to open their present and sing him happy birthday. šŸ™‚ Not quite like being in person but still pretty fun.

And just for some quarantine laughs? This song is my jam…


Hope everyone has a great week!

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