TC, Coffee, and Blood

Friday, Friday, Friday! It feels like a Tuesday. Gonna be a busy day. JM has to go to his long eye doctor appointment (where they dilate his eyes). This usually takes a few hours when all is said and done. Few meetings for work following his appointment. One of my best friends, Jess and her husband just closed on a house nearby. They have two boys and I will be watching them today if the timing works, and definitely for most of the day tomorrow.

TC from the title? Traverse City? No. Although, that’s a cool place. Terry Crews. Been reading his book- about halfway through. I like him. Grew up in Flint as the auto plants started shutting down. He plays one of my favorite characters on one of my favorite TV shows, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Used to play in the NFL. He is not perfect (who is?) but I like his story so far and I think he’s a pretty brave guy. Facing a lot of heat for speaking up about things recently. He went to Interlochen for art on a full scholarship the summer before he went to play football for Western Michigan. That’s so cool.

Coffee. My best friend, remember? Day 2 of waking up at this awful time.

Anyway, I thought I would tell you about my favorite coffee in the entire world right now. I am crazy addicted to this. I drink coffee black with no cream or sugar although on a special ocassion I can be tempted into cream in the form of a cafe mocha or something. Day to day is black. I love that richness. I tend to go medium or dark. This one happens to be a medium roast and it is SO. GOOD.


Which brings me to the blood part. I’ve been reading about the blood type diet. I don’t know that I buy into that 100%. There are issues in it I think for certain blood types and blood isn’t the whole body. I will say it’s interesting. I’m sure it does play a factor. It could be part of the reason why some foods work better for some than others. So maybe it’s worth experimenting around to gravitate to some foods and avoid some foods.

I have type O positive blood and so I’ve been reading what is good and what to avoid on that blood type. O blood is the oldest blood type and apparently relates to a hunter/gatherer. The idea is that the person’s blood hasn’t adapted to other types of food that you can’t hunt and gather for.

There’s a huge food list of course but I went through common stuff I would typically eat. Really, most of the stuff that’s either highly beneficial or neutral is stuff I eat. Meat, vegetables, and nuts are good. Grains. gluten, and dairy are bad… guess they didn’t gather the cow’s milk…hahaha.

Anyway, I used to be that kid who could seriously eat a big hunk of bread. In recent times, I don’t typically. I’ve gotten used to that. I am not saying I don’t occasionally have bagels or things that are grain related but it’s not a part of my routine and hasn’t been for many years now. Ok that’s fine. Not really good on lots of diets anyway. I guess oats and rye are ok. Rice was on the neutral list.

Coconut oil isn’t favored for my blood type. Interestingly, I do notice I don’t do as well with coconut. I cook with the oil because it has such a high smoke point. I have never handled it well otherwise- really anything with coconut in it. Makes me feel sick. So there could be some truth to that part.

Dairy is not a big deal if it wasn’t for cheese. I do love cheese. I have heard that it’s rough though- not agreeing with people in general. I bet it would probably help my skin to take a break for a bit. Apparently you can have feta and mozzarella though. K…

Alright, these things I can handle. Then. They say O blood type doesn’t do well with pork. Ham and bacon? Are you kidding me? Cucumbers? White wine (I guess red is better in moderation on this deal). Black pepper- what? And then…COFFEE.

Nope. Not ready to sacrifice my best friend just yet.


2 thoughts on “TC, Coffee, and Blood

  1. Coconut oil never agreed with me either and I’m type A. Suspect it will say it does work for me. I stick to butter, olive oil, bacon grease, and lard. Not that much olive oil.


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