All The Things

Sunday Funday. Gotta get some stuff ready today like rosters and schedules to take up to work with me tomorrow. Little more laundry and maybe getting things more organized around here. Maybe take a walk too because it’s beautiful.

Friday JM went to his eye doctor appointment. He’s doing better (we patch his eye 4 hours a day for his ptosis) but he still has his lid partially covering his left pupil. So this is the year we do his eye surgery. Appointment coming up in September for that.


This was his long appointment with dilation. Because of Covid, we couldn’t go out in the lobby or anything so we spent a lot of quality time together in this room.

Anyway, after the appointment, work meetings, and errands, (tons of chaos on Friday) we watched my friend’s two boys Friday night as well as most of the day Saturday. All three boys kept us busy. We played with trains and cars. We watched some shows, ate some good foods, and played outside in the water. A great time!

After the boys went home, we made some chicken wings. I ordered them from Butcher Box this time. For Christmas last year, my parents gave me this air fryer. It is the best thing ever. Making wings and fries and stuff in this deal is really easy. Simple to clean up too.

Those are the spices I use on mine. Then some fresh vegetables, ranch, and hot sauce. Good to go.


One of our favorite easy dinners. And in the air fryer or oven they really are pretty good for you.

Now onto something slightly less healthy. A few blog posts back I was talking about the blood type diet. I was saying stuff about how I rarely eat grains, baked treats, or things like that on regular basis. I really don’t- I swear. Well, I decided to cheat to have a little special morning before I get prepped for the week. Don’t judge me. 🙂

I had all the stuff for these brown sugar scones I found a recipe for about six years ago. Here it is:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Look at these. The person who posted the original recipe said to send help because she is in love with a scone. That’s about the perfect description. These scones are the best because they are not dry at all. Love the brown sugar and cinnamon combination.


Happy Sunday. Time to go prep for the work week…

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