Upget Schoolgo

I think Oompah (my grandfather) said this first? But my parents said it too. Anyway. It comes to mind this morning because I’m getting the morning routine back that I’ve now established into its normal time slot of basically way too damn early to be awake. 

We’ve been preparing and planning a lot virtually in recent weeks. In-person work begins for teachers on Monday, so my morning commute also begins. It is an hour north. Everyone looks at me crazy when I explain I drive that much each day. Honestly? It’s nice. I drink coffee. I listen to podcasts or sometimes nothing at all and think. I’m alone. It is the only time I’m ever alone.  Sure, it does really suck after concerts or events that the nature of my job includes. On a snowy late night it’s not particularly my favorite. But typically it’s nice and I have missed it a ton since March. More than I thought.

However, a big drawback of the drive is the time it takes out of my day. I like to be with John Michael and Joe when I come home. I like to cook. I’d rather not tie that time up with exercising so that leaves me no choice but to get up and get it over with in the morning. Ugh.

This brings me to this morning. 4am. Alarm goes off. No. Another alarm I put across the room goes off (necessary to drag myself up). Put on the headphones and went downstairs to exercise. I did it.


I’ll be 35 in a couple weeks. I have gray hair (that I’ve had since I was in my mid- twenties…why?????) and bad shadows under my eyes all the time. Side note? In looking at this picture while I write this, the night cream really does wonders for my eyes.  Still a bit puffy. 

Came upstairs and got cleaned up like I normally would for school. Instead of the commute today, I got to write this blog post in peace. The house is quiet. Except for the clicking sound of Remi’s paws as she follows me all around. 🙂 Today I hang with John Michael and have some projects I need to do for school and for my business.

Tomorrow and the next days will be the hardest. Always those next few couple days.

Typically I’d say I’d rather be up late. I think I tend to naturally get my creative thoughts then and seems to be more of a natural rhythm for me. I do not think they will be changing the American school time table anytime soon though. “Upget schoolgo.” I will try not to be too crabby.


But my reward? This cup of coffee. My best friend.

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