Happy almost 4th! Tuckered out. Did my running this am and also cleaned up this house. No easy feat with a toddler who follows around making new messes in my wake. Plus so much sticky. Fingers crossed it can hold off to be this clean for at least 1 day. It will be trashed tomorrow I promise you. 🙂 I had to take pictures because I seldom get to look at it this clean. I do have to give my son some credit. He did try to help a lot today and apparently thought the siding needed to be scrubbed with his tooth brush. Hmm.

Random- this Rubicon was parked next to me at the store today and they are just the coolest. Wranglers are dope! Makes me wanna take my doors off.


The original broadway cast of the Hamilton musical is on Disney starting today so we are going to have a little viewing party tonight.  Excited to kick back, cook, and have some fun. Joe’s parents are coming. Making some spicy pork chops, asparagus, and smashed garlic potatoes. Apple crisp for dessert. All American. All set to go.

Joe might have 2 pints of Sam Adams or work on 3! Or maybe this Joe Tea? Nah, I already drank it.

Look at that stud as he runs with John in the backyard!

Ok well, I’m off. Happy 4th!


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