We like our coffee.

Top of the morning to you! Had to dig deep today. Really didn’t want to leave the bed this morning. But the exercises are complete, I am showered and ready for the morning meetings. Sipping coffee…thank goodness. We have a problem with the coffee in our house. Don’t worry about it, I’ll never stop.


Other things making me happy? A foot stool under my desk- soo helping my back when I’m on the meetings and computer work. Bone broth. JM’s huge tower! A car intersection I found on the kitchen counter this morning. JM’s cuteness laying down after his bath. I guess I already mentioned the coffee and the exercising. Pork fiesta continued with tacos. The garden my mom got us is making progress. The mint was only supposed to take 6-10 days but it took longer. I thought it was a dud but then finally this morning I see the little green leaves coming up!

It was sweet watching Joe with John Michael last night. He was singing on Joe’s lap to a nursery rhyme show after we ate dinner at the table.

Poor Remi. She got banished by John Michael.


The band lessons continued.

Some other things I am instituting are to not consume any sort of media whatsoever first thing in the morning or before I go to bed. I don’t keep my phone in my bedroom anymore. I don’t look at Facebook first thing until I have blogged and journaled my thoughts. And I really limited that. I like the positive aspects of Facebook- seeing my family, friends, and school community doing such wonderful things. Because I love seeing that I do read/watch that stuff a bit each day. I like to share the fun things John Michael does and we cook. And the comical things are great! But I try to skip watching people argue where they don’t effectively discuss things. Limiting the time on there helps me feel a lot better overall. I feel like the stress level came down a bit. We watch news updates occasionally when I feel it’s important- we keep up when necessary. I tend to read more than watch to get the information.

Today I don’t have lessons with the kids but I have office hours, some meetings, documents and grading to do. So I best be going. Cheers to you!


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