The night before the night before

Morning! Yep, I typed that title intentionally. Tired again today. I had a friend in college who played football that had a coach that used to say that it wasn’t the sleep you got the night before, it’s “the night before the night before” that affects how you feel today. I’d say I probably agree. Fact is, I don’t think I really slept very good the last two nights. Hope tonight is better.

I also am hoping to get the bulk of my job done in the morning so that I can be more present with John Michael this afternoon and get the evening routine kicked off sooner. Got the instructional video done for this week. Today I have to do some planning for the next learning target which is due in tomorrow. So fingers crossed I can get all the lessons with kids done, correspondence done, and that lesson planning done by then. JM can be needy so it’s all a gamble. 🙂

I made the BEST pulled pork tostadas last night. I decided to see if Mama Lupe’s shells would do well toasted in the oven. Tostadas are kinda fun because you can sort of pick them up like a pizza.

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 7.42.05 AM

Mama Lupe’s Tortillas

The good news is that they do! They have significantly less carbs than traditional tortillas, so if you are trying to cut back there, they are an amazing option. I put my oven at 450 degrees with a little oil on each side. Toasted them for 5 minutes and then flipped for another 5.

The pork took a long time low and slow in the oven. It took more into the night than I had planned on but I was patient and let it go. I knew it wasn’t done yet. Glad I waited. It turned out tender and perfect. I didn’t get a pretty picture of the whole roast because I didn’t sear it as I should have. But I put my thinking cap on and after I strained some of the fat out of the juices, I warmed the juices up. Put a little oil in the pan and then crisped up the pork. Not long to loose it’s tender juiciness (just a few minutes) but just enough to give it a little crisp. I added in some extra spices like cumin, cayenne, paprika, salt, and a drizzle more of the juices with lime. Topped the tostadas with lettuce, cheese, salsa, and cilantro. I’ll be dreaming about those. Since I made the roast, we will be doing pork tacos and bowls or nachos for 3 more days. Excited about that!

John Michael did some painting yesterday and helped me put together my instructional video. He even took the photos of me so I could demonstrate things to my kids. 🙂 Then he had to try out the trumpet…buzzing his lips!

And again with the dancing… What I love about his dancing right now is that he does not give a darn what anyone thinks and it’s an honest expression of himself. I love watching it.

In other news the house is trashed. Good times. I love that lamp shade turned over in the one picture. So funny. Also Remi just chilling in these all nonchalant.

This kid needs a bath and some energy burning this afternoon so off I go. Hope we get to the things we need to this afternoon. Time to teach some lessons!

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