It is what it is.

Sometimes fine, sometimes terrible, sometimes fantastic. It is what it is. 🙂 Today it is sort of just fine. Slept better but still pretty tired. Could have slept for more but had to get up and going. Lessons to get ready for.

Yesterday was not a bad day, but it was long and full of many tasks. I did get to bust away for a walk in the middle of the day thank goodness. And here you see how John Michael says “mom” so many times in a row. We mostly laugh because he says our names this many times that it’s comical. This video is not an isolated occurrence– he talks from the minute he wakes up until he finally crashes at night. “Mom” and “Dad” start and end every sentence. I love how he goes from the garages, to not going home, to something someone drew on the pavement, to this bird. No breath barely. 🙂 Funny kid.

John Michael took these photos of me and Remi. What a good guy. I’m normally the photographer so it was cool that he captured the moment.

So much done on the school front yesterday. We did have time to do a little music lesson (we started it anyway and will go back in today) by my good friend Amy! She did a great Earth Day music lesson. So we have some activities we will do this afternoon. We will also do the curbside pickup at the music store so we can deal with instrument repairs/returns.

Have a good day!

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 6.38.33 PM

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