Anyone see what I’m trying to do here?

Been running this kid (and dog) around for days. Does he (the kid) ever run out of energy? The answer is no. 🙂 Whew it is brisk today! Steve Beylon said there is a disturbance. No thank you. Snow showers??? “Candy coating” of snow he says possible. That’s heavy! (Told ya I was gonna put that back into my daily speech!) Best movie of all time. You’re welcome.

Blustery on our morning walk. Pilates this morning. Burgers tonight for dinner. A bit of work in between. Gotta drop off an instrument on the curb at the music store (not going in, don’t worry.) Will devise a way to dye John’s Easter eggs tomorrow or Saturday. Not too shabby of a day thus far. Keeping it real.

It’s Thursday. Let’s go!

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