Act the way you want to feel

“Act the way you want to feel.” – Gretchen Rubin

You got it Gretchen. Definitely had to do that today. The weather is back to gloomy and cold. Tired. But, I got up and did the routine on this Good Friday. And well, she’s right. It flipped my mood around. After I exercised I felt stronger and after I got ready, I felt happier. Did some thinking and journaling with my cup of coffee before John Michael popped his little head up. Then came online to a really nice little article the Eagle Herald posted. 🙂

Eagle Herald Article

In other news, the basil is starting to sprout Lynn Fay! The other ones will take longer. John Michael is over the moon about the little plants. He looks at them everyday.


Yesterday was pretty good. But the weather was weird. Welcome to the midwest. It went from the sun shining, to wind blowing, to snowing, to sleeting, back to sun shining. Just wait 15 minutes if you don’t like the weather. Definitely cold and brisk throughout though.

Look at this cuteness. Delivering waters I guess.


While driving yesterday, JM and I drove over the Fox River on the WI-172 bridge. He said, “but mom! This isn’t the big green bridge! That one is my favorite!” Me too buddy.


Today we are going to dye Easter eggs and work on writing letters in sugar. We might do some reading, painting, and building. More of the usual. Tomorrow we make Easter/Dad’s Birthday cookies! Will try to do some work videos and work on a photography project for mom’s book. JM is trying to be very good and he wants the Easter Bunny to come. Have a Good Friday!

One thought on “Act the way you want to feel

  1. I think you are actually blessed with this in many ways–being with JM. It’s trying at times, I know, but this puts so much in perspective for so many folks. And I get to be part of it all where i didn’t before. Everything has pluses i guess.

    Loved the article! And the garden!


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