My Monday reminder is to reach for joy. Not going to lie, there have been some hard moments here. I’m reminding myself to stay present as much as I can and embrace the time with my son. Hopefully today is better. In other news, I am “that annoying person” who just has to set up virtual nerdy get togethers. 😉 I’m so glad I am that person. Not gonna apologize for that because I think it’s been wonderful to keep us connected and keep us sane. Lots of hangouts with family and friends.

Virtual hangouts aren’t really a new thing for my parents and us because we did usually FaceTime pretty often before all of this. (They live in Michigan, us in Wisconsin). We are still trying to do it more with them too. Yesterday JM told his Nana Lynn that “she was a sweet one.” Awwww. And they did the usual. Watched him sink baskets and run all around. 🙂 I bet it was pretty exciting.


My brother John and his girlfriend, Christie.

Last night I decided to set one up so that my brother John and his girlfriend Christie could join us for a game of Heads Up. That game is usually one of our go-to’s when we have family gatherings. I’m glad for this because we probably wouldn’t have had this hangout if it hadn’t been for the present situation. And it prompted us to keep on doing it more often virus or not. It was lots of fun. Apparently Wyoming is “that state that has nothing going on.” (According to Joe ahah)

Nothing beats being in person and that very real connection. But thank goodness for technology in our lives. It definitely makes life a little more enjoyable. Hope you all have a wonderful week. The sun is out!

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