The Sun Feels Good!

And I hear a lawnmower outside as I type this. Love that sound (and smell)! Someone is grilling too, so that’s cheerful.

John Michael and I planted an indoor herb garden yesterday! He is “so excited about mom’s garden!” They shorted us one little clear cap, so I had to get resourceful with the top to a toothpick container. I think it will work just fine.

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I guess I am liking to tell this story of our quarantine in mostly pictures. I know I’m slamming these posts with way too many photos and videos but it’s fun to look at the happy moments of our days. Like this face….


The Oskey talent show was yesterday on Zoom too. JM did a dance and then made a free throw. Pretty much the greatest. hahaha.

Otherwise lots of sunshine and happiness yesterday. We had a little FaceTime with Grandma Lu and Grandpa Mike. Aunt Jess got him a new vehicle shirt for his birthday and a truck w/ cars. He had fun playing with those too!

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And this sign outside the liquor store? haha.  Not sure it’s “essential” but it makes me chuckle.

img_4521Again…why these shirts???


We ended the day yesterday reading “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.”


Today we are playing with trains, took a walk outside, and called up Nana Lynn and Papa D.

Working on some household chores, cleaning and laundry. Planning for the week and got our monthly menu planned. Joe did some grocery shopping and I think we will be good for groceries for about 2 weeks.


I think I have issues with rainbow schedules…

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