Today will be better…

Right? 4 years old is supposed to be better than 3 and yet, I haven’t seen the data in our household to support that theory. Deep breath. Going to do some intentional activities today with him although it looks a bit cloudy. I have some deadlines for work ahead and I also have to stay focused on this. Joe’s job has him in meetings a lot, so it’s not too flexible as of yet and he can help with JM but not until the evening. So long days. John didn’t do what he was supposed to do yesterday so he lost some privileges. Cue the whining and crying because I held him to it. Exhausting, but I did not give in! I also wasn’t too happy they kept the polls open today. Seems stupid… I voted absentee.

We have it good. We are healthy, we have jobs (not on the front line like some do! Thank you to all that do!!!), we have shelter, we have food. That is all we need. Many many people don’t have that. Will channel up the positive and laugh lots today. Gotta keep it together!

One thing I am proud of in the chaos of yesterday is that around 3pm while juggling work and John’s attitude, I got really stressed and was on the point of a breakdown. But I flipped a switch and started cleaning the living room when John Michael was driving me crazy. That lead to us cleaning up the kitchen and then playing with tiles, and then the train kinda came back on the rails by the time I had to start making dinner. So that’s a win. I think everyone is under a lot of stress and it would have been perfectly understandable for me to just freak out for a second and sit down on the couch. Normally I would have. So that was my small win that is going to help me get through today. Must have been my podcasts!


In other news, last night’s dinner was amazing! Mom got us a Butcher Box a bit ago (thanks Mom!) and there are some good meats in there. Last night I made spicy pork chops, sweet potatoes, and green beans. I will be making that again. Tasty. Tonight is Salmon!

Also in looking for the positive…Day 17 of moving the body daily. Well on my way to a consistent morning routine!


Alrighty. Time to see what the world is up to. OH!!! Here is something amazing! Romeo High School Robotics has been helping with the cause and they even got a mention on John Krasinski’s show! I’m proud of their good deed. Not gonna lie, hearing John Krasinski say “Romeo High School” was not too bad either. And Hamilton? WHAT. This was amazing. Check that out…


Now… let’s hope for a good Tuesday! Time to go to work. Here we go kids…



(Note: We didn’t get out of the car, just dropped off some checks at the bank!)

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