‘Tis Thursday!


It is beautiful outside. I love the warmth and the sunshine. We have already been out one time but will go out again this afternoon. So lovely. Enjoy that!


So darn. I overslept today. Kinda mad that happened but got after the normal routine at 7ish. Ah well. Will put the alarm across the room tonight. Really want to get up at 6am so I can have time to myself. Try, try again. But got the exercises done, and took a walk with John and Remi while Joe had a morning meeting. Then came back and had some meetings with students and worked for a bit. John made a beautiful painting for Nana Lynn!



So Joe started a new assignment at work- helping out HR. So he was busy with meetings all morning. But check out his new chair I “built” for him. Pretty slick. 



Alrighty. Back to some jobs of work here. Get out and enjoy that sunshine! Feels so good! Reminds me of a song… 😉



Late afternoon yesterday. Beautiful sun then too! 


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