Probably only funny to me…

So just decided to add a little section on here for the things John Michael says day to day. Probably only funny (or cute) to us, but that’s ok. Brings me cheer! Here’s a few he’s said lately and I plan to add more as they come…

Me: “John, what are you doing?”

John Michael: “I was just outside. You don’t need to panic about that.”

(Joe sneezes) “Bless you, Daddy. You’re welcome, Daddy.” (awww)

“We gotta put that in the cycle can.” (He means the recycle bin)

“Next week I can do that.” (He doesn’t have a good concept of time…)

“The tank is going to be empty soon.” (In reference to milk in his cup)

“Puppy is in danger! We got to save her before she falls into the water!” (His toy puppy is in the basketball net)

(Measures Joe with a tape measure) “I’ll tell you how many minutes you are.”

“Nailed it!”

“Yes I did say sorry. Last year!” (Again not really good concept of time…)

“Something’s wrong (with this).”

“I’m just pretending (tending).” (Only issue is that he actually does it…)

“Yeah, I totally did.”

“I totally love it.”

“Member that?” (Remember that?)

“What the heck?”

“That doesn’t make any sense.” (Basically whenever HE doesn’t agree…)

“I can carry 2 and a half.” (When he really carries 2 things)

“I only played with one toy and a half.” 

“Are those your beards?” (Beers)




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