I’ve followed the Hollis crew for quite awhile and done a few challenges in the past.

While there are those out there going through unimaginable life changes and we are incredibly lucky, these two offer me a way to shift perspective and be grateful for the blessings of what I have and also what this situation can teach me. Everyone is going through change and loss.

I’m doing the #next90challenge to keep myself centered during this constantly changing time. Check it out- it’s totally free!

https://thehollisco.com/pages/next90- Click here!

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It goes without saying that I worry the most about people in my life contracting this disease. I cannot control that other than that we’ve already done all we can to prevent it and we will continue our practice. We just have to hope that they stay healthy at this point.

Other than that, I would say I have two things I am viewing negatively that I can change my perspective on.

The first being that it’s uncomfortable to be so uncertain about what is happening in the education world for me and my students. But to turn that around, I can look at what is GOOD about this for both me and my students. Can we use this as a teachable moment? Of course we can. Can we show and teach our students about vulnerability, resilience, and self-discipline to name a few? Yes.

The second being that this new normal has me juggling my son’s schedule, my husband’s schedule and my own together. And we are together at ALL. TIMES. Which has its very very frustrating moments. To turn that around, I am blessed to have this time to connect with them. Have more family table dinners. Cook more and talk more with Joe. Watch my son learn and to be an active participant with him as he learns. To watch his joy and his laugh when I would otherwise miss it. So many things.

Perspective. There are those out there right now who have it a whole lot worse than me- they might be sick. Someone in their family might be sick. They might have lost jobs. Not sure of how to pay rent or other expenses. Maybe they are an essential worker and have no choice but to power us through this time.

At the end of the day, someone always has it worse than me. How can I make the best of my very fortunate circumstance? How can I honor those who have it worse? Honor their sacrifices? I want to look for the positive. I want to reach out and help out others as much as I can.

I am looking at our new situation through the lens of how I can come out on the other side better for going through this hard time. I am just like everyone else- going through change and loss. Mine isn’t as great as say someone going through the virus or being affected in some direct way. But… I have the choice to do something with this new time. It is a blessing to have time with my family. To connect more. And it is a blessing to think of new creative ways to reach my students.

I can’t control this. But I can control my response.


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