Coffee is good.

Good morning!

Thank goodness for coffee. I got up and exercised even though I REALLY did not want to today. Would have been nice to keep sleeping…but here we are! And coffee helps. 🙂

Yesterday was a good day, albeit a long day. John Michael was trying. We are working on him cleaning up his own mess at home and that was a fight. Finally lost it and told him I was going to count to 5 (no cliche 3 for me… haha). And then yelled at him. That did it but he told me through tears he didn’t want me to yell at him again! Ugh. Would have been lots easier to just pick up the toys but I refused to pick up even one and made the hard parenting choice. It is exhausting even over dumb stuff like this. Finally it ended with him coloring at his table. Trashed to sorta better. Whew.

But then we danced together and he did some beautiful artwork. He ate with us at the table and even ate the food we made. Can’t complain about that!

Speaking of dancing… he was pretending to sleep. This is so funny.

So anyway, I did the necessary school work and got to put together a new chair for the workspace which is cheerful and helpful for my back.


Joe tried his whiskey- that is some good stuff! Traverse City Whiskey Company. Highly recommend. And I know you are wondering… did we have Taco Tuesday? We sure did! Joe made some amazing tacos.



Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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