Boats, Sprinklers, and Thunderstorms

Went down to the City Deck to walk around after eating at Titletown Brewery with Katie, Jess, and Oliver. Oliver played in the sprinklers and a boat came in. Couldn’t resist a few photos. Just after this, a thunderstorm came in.

The next day a big ship hit this dock and the bridge we walked over. Good thing it wasn’t the day we went! Although that would have been exciting…–434826843.html

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Cast Iron Lodge Pot Cooking

My mom is currently working on a project for a cook book. We spent a few days cooking a pork shoulder as well as some Cornish hens stuffed with rice over charcoal in a cast iron Lodge pot. Everything was absolutely fabulous. I won’t tell you all the secrets here because that’s what you will buy her cookbook for 🙂

Coming soon I will share with you my recipe for homemade salsa that we put in the pork tacos. So fantastic and spicy!

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4th of July Fun

Had a wonderful time with family over the 4th. As I said, my family came down- including my two brothers. It was a fun weekend full of good food, good people, good drinks and even some ping pong!

I included some pictures here of family and activities!

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