A Busy Weekend!

Afternoon! Bit behind on my posting. It was a lovely weekend full of tasks and jobs. A short recap- Joe tackled a lot of outdoor work and I did some spring cleaning inside. We have a ways to go but got a good start. (The bedroom, haha) But it was a deep clean. Lots of exercise and walks in the beautiful weather. Made some steak and frites and good breakfast sandwiches. Burgers and fries on the grill. Been liking my own creations. Reading about photography and things.

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Look at this goofball. So funny.

And I made this little gem Friday…

Roasted a pork butt last night (sorry mom- it just didn’t look pretty. I didn’t get a good sear on it which I should have). It’ll taste fine but I will tweak and redo for a photo op. Tonight we are having low-carb pulled pork tostadas. I’m so excited. Making up my own stuff. Hope it turns out. Got an idea for this pork. Stay tuned. Trying out toasting the Mama Lupe’s tortillas for the tostadas.

But, since the pork butt wasn’t quite done roasting last night, I had to get up a few times to keep checking on it. Fine of course, but just didn’t get some good sleep as a result. Exercise is coming along. I think I’m getting used to my routine. That’s my #1 goal  (on the personal side) to get that morning routine down and so far so good. Very nice sunny day but REALLY windy.

Morning lessons went well. It’s hard to do virtually but we made it through. Kids did a great job. Gotta do some more lesson prep work for tomorrow. Two more meetings. Then I get to make my pork creation!


Have a good day!


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