Joe and I spent the weekend in Marquette, Michigan for two reasons. One was to do a photography shoot for a family friend. He is an architect and wanted me to shoot a dealership for publicity. The second reason was to see some of our best friends and celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. (Okay, I’ll be real- the third reason was to spend some quality time with my husband uninterrupted by a certain child). 🙂 I went to college in this town so I lived there nearly 5 years and I always love a visit.

Here’s a song to put ya in the right mood.

The first thing you should know is that it is hard to climb 5 flights of stairs in masks. hahaha

The weather could not have been more perfect. We were worried because thunderstorms were in the forecast both days but the timing of the storms worked out. It afforded me an incredible sunrise to shoot (very early for my now acclimated Wisconsin blood- up at 4:30am my time to do so while Joe snuggled in his bed). The weather while we dined Friday night was just perfect. We went to Iron Bay and sat outside by the water. One of the best places in Marquette (that little corner) if you’ve never been. I highly recommend their whitefish tacos and chowder. Joe had fried whitefish and chips.

The next day I did a lot of photography at the dealership, did a hard workout, and ate lunch at Vangos (also outside).

For dinner we picked up Thai House and met up with Nate and Katie at Presque Isle Park (where they got married). Made a picnic outside. I brought a picnic basket my mom gave me when I graduated high school and some special glasses, cloth napkins, etc. It was our first outing since Covid began (other than our parents). Totally lovely. We had a blast talking about first dates and funny old stories. Then we ended the night with a quest to see the comet. Not a success that night for the comet sighting. We sure did have fun though. They are some of the best people I know. (Katie and I did see the comet a few days later at our own houses). 🙂

That sticker on the wine bottle? The very first professional photo I took. On an old 35mm film camera where you had to manually focus, set the f-stop, shutter speed, etc. You had to balance a needle and all.

Happy anniversary, Nate and Katie!

Sunday we stopped at Third Street Bagel (another staple in Marquette if you need a breakfast stop). Had a really good breakfast bagel on a jalapeno cheese bagel. MMM.

Anyway here are some shots from the weekend at the dealership. I’d say successful!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We got back and picked up John Michael. He had a very nice weekend with his grandma and grandpa. Thank you so much LuEllen and Mike. It was a such a treat to go away alone for a bit.

Nate packed up a little train box of things for him which I can’t tell you how touching it was/is. What a thoughtful gift- brought a tear to my eye. Had some train books, magazines, a hat, a lantern Nate himself used on the railroad, and a hand written letter. John has been non-stop reading his magazines so far. He’s so excited.


We’ve had a duck camping out on the planter for a few weeks. Her babies finally hatched and they are now gone. I was able to catch one shot. It’s not very good because she was hiding her babies beneath her. Still, it’s cool! So now I have the hanging plant finally hanging.


That’s the update for now! Happy Wednesday.


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