The Party Store Guy

In Wisconsin, they just call it a liquor store. Being from Michigan, we all know it’s a party store. The guy that works at the one around the corner from my house is a party guy. It fits.

Yesterday I stopped in to grab a few beers on my way home. So here’s the story…

I open the door, mask on. As I walk back to the cooler, the phone rings. The party guy starts toward the phone to answer it.

“If this is one more person calling to ask about Busch Apple, I will lose my mind. I will lose it. I’m telling you. You watch.” I listen as he answers the phone.

“NO! We do NOT have Busch Apple! You are like the 30th person to ask me that today. Ridgeview Liquor has it on their voicemail that they don’t have it and I’m about to do it for this place. Green Bay doesn’t have it, okay? You know what? Just pour your Busch into some apple juice. It’s literally the same. It’s the same damn thing. I promise you. I’ve had some.” He hangs up and I am laughing. I absolutely love that he answers the phone like this.

“What did I tell you? I told you didn’t I? It’s hard enough to find the good beers that I want. I put a sign up to go to the bathroom and restock. Like five minutes and the phone rings again. Ugh. And that is garbage beer. It’s these kids. They think they’re gonna have that for their party. Nope.”

Yep, I agree party store guy.

“You have a nice day!”


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