Perspective is fascinating. From Webster:

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 1.25.43 PM.png


Perspective of course, can have a few different meanings. I am choosing to focus in (no pun intended there) on 2a. As a photographer, I’m always changing my physical perspective because I like to have lots of choices in composition. All the angles. Then I chose the perspective that draws the eye in the most and also represents what I’m trying to shoot or the subject, in the best way.

It’s like a conversation with myself- what about this angle? This depth of field? The way the sun is here? Is this better? Or that? My initial ideas on perspective of the photograph are not always right.

In our current political climate, it is so interesting how the exact same topic or fact(s) can have so many different mental photos. The hard part is sometimes finding the subject and what its true authenticity is.

We come from so many different backgrounds, race, gender, economic status, family values, beliefs, religions, history, culture. It seems obvious that we won’t agree on many topics. Our perspectives are all different and it’s extremely complicated.

Perspective is really an opinion or viewpoint but is not truth. How do we find the truth? It seems harder and harder. Maybe we start by taking shots all around the subject, research it all, and then have a conversation. Maybe people have legitimate reasons for their perspective. The solution or the photograph might still be really a perspective in the end. Maybe there are more solutions than just one. I personally love to look through the photos. By shifting through all the perspectives, we might find more truth and better solutions. The subject doesn’t change.




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