Dairy, Fathers, Doctors, and Lake Adventures

Last week we got to pass out dairy products to the community which was heartwarming. I liked seeing my kids and we enjoyed doing something good.

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A very Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in my life. I didn’t get to see my dad or grandfather but will see them soon. 🙂 I did make some good food for Joe and mowed the lawn for him. Lovely day.

Remi just turned 6!


Both kids went to the doctor and got good reports. Remi lost 3 lbs. John Michael is growing like a weed and is now 3’4”! Wow.


We had a nice weekend up with Joe’s mom and dad at Boot Lake.

Boot Lake Photos

Had fun making that little video. I plan to make another one for my family in Elk Rapids coming up soon!

Some other random photos! Lots of sweating and exercising. Some amazing meals.


In other random news… there’s no denying this kid is my kid! (He looks a lot like my husband Joe from the side though. Good mix!)


And now we have this duck. We are at one with nature around here. Well that’s the update for now. I best be getting back to my jobs of work. Have a great week!




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