A busy Thursday

Afternoon! Whew. The morning began with lessons and meetings and is continuing with a webinar for music ed- specifically band. It is bright and sunny and we are getting things done!

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 2.03.26 PM

Yesterday was interesting. The computer cut out in the middle of a meeting with my students. Then when I got it back up, the mouse ran out of batteries. Then the picture frame fell off the wall right into the plug where the whole computer apparatus is hooked into. Start over. Then… John Michael pooped his pants after a very long time of being potty trained. So into the tub he went. Got the puter up and running again and on we went. Oh it was a great day. I know, I know. Small world problems. On the flip, after work I got the bathroom organized and cleaned for a change! Win.

Made a little video for the middle school announcements today…

Part 1

Part 2. Poor Remi. She knew we were gonna go on a walk so she was hovering.

Beautiful day. Have a good one!

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