Learning, Learning

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John Michael’s school sends him activities to do. He listened to his circle time (stretches and story) and did a train memory card game. Finished up with a little painting. That red paint then ended up on the top of his car. Later on, I found it on the leg of the table in the sun room. Good times.


Frittata for dinner last night again. MMM. Breakfast for dinner is the best once in a while. Joe made the potatoes on the grill.

Did my HIT sprints outside again like a cool person. While the people mow their lawns and look at me. It is a really nice day. I hear it’s supposed to cool down and maybe snow. Not a fan of that.

It is staff appreciation week. I work with some great students and teachers! Hats off to them. The students created clips I put into a video. 🙂 The kids are the best.


Got some more work to do. Hope everyone has a nice day!

2 thoughts on “Learning, Learning

  1. Hmm. I seem to recall a similar situation concerning a budding artist but the medium was the walls and crayons. I think i might just share those memories with little johnny


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