Happy Summer

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln

Pretty hot and sunny here but enjoying the summer! John Michael, Remi, and I went to the park and played outside a whole bunch today. Unplugged and happy. We read books and played with trains. Been a good day.


JM and Rem loved sharing the pool today. I think these pictures sums things up nicely!

Some recent John Michaelisms:

“Yeah my did!”

“Hey dad. Hey Dad. Dad. Daaaaaad! Hey Dad!”

“Hey Mom. Hey Mom. Mom. Moooooom! Hey Mom!”

“Look at me!”

“I’m counting!” (He can count a little over 20!)

(Loves to tell his trains what to do) “You wait there. Oh no! Oh my! Stop at the station! Too fast! Slow DOWN. Percy! You fell of the track!”

I say, “I love you, do you love me?” He says, “love me!” Then with prompting, “I love you!”‘

“I need to….” or “I don’t need to…”

“I want to jump!”

“I’m 3!”

He lets me give him a ton of kisses every night before bed. I know my days are numbered  that he allows this.

Today he told me he was going to drive a REALLY BIG TRAIN. And said it just like that.

Probably many more. Ahh he is my little one. While the days are long (I’m super tired these last few days- stay at home moms are SAINTS), I know the years are short so I’m grateful for this time with him while I can.


In other news, I’m working on myself. I’ve been working not to drink as much. In fact, I completed a 2 week stint with not a drop. I had just a couple over the weekend (red wine) and back to no drinking again this week. Feels good. Working out everyday. I finally lost a few pounds! Also drinking tons of water. Half my body weight in ounces + some. No soda (but haven’t drank soda in years other than a handful of times. It’s been almost maybe 10 years since I have! Wow). Very low carbs. Look at that sweat rolling down my face. I weirdly like that. My skin and nails have been sooo much better.

Lots of work at school- still working. Paid down some debts which is a good thing. Working to get debt free as soon as I can.

Trying to just keep falling in love with the process. Nothing is going to be all in row or all completely done. Just fact of life!

Looking forward to going to Elk Rapids for Harbor Days. Some jobs of work there but mom and dad have the house looking fabulous. Really cool. JM will have fun in the really big lake and we will see the annual parade and fireworks. We also are going to try Siren Hall (a nice restaurant) which should be fun.

Anyway It is now 7:33 so I think I’m going to watch an episode of Big Bang and then retire to my bed! We do go to bed at 8pm after all! At least these days…


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