The Heat of Summer

Sunday night here. Haven’t updated this in a really long time! Yikes. I plan to get back at it.

Much more to catch up on- one big thing is I have a different job since the last time I posted! I’m still a band director but shifted more north and teach in a bigger school district now. So far so good. I love it! There are ups and downs but I’m surrounded by people who get it and it’s been wonderful. I’m definitely thankful to everyone as my last job- it’s not that. Very supportive colleagues there as well. It’s just been a great challenge for me and I love teaching only band. So that’s been a great switch.

I promised a colleague I’d convert all his drill over so I finally got that done. Which is pretty cool! Feels good to be done with that for sure.

John Michael is huge. Right now he is 3.3 and playing with his trains. Talking to himself. “Hey Thomas, where are you?”, “There you are!” Love listening to his imagination. I want to document more of how he talks for sure so I can remember later. More on that later.

Lately trying to work on my authentic self while still improving all I can. Trying to embrace being more in the present over caring that everything on my to-do list is done or that everything is perfect. That’s just not going to happen.

(This is going to be a stream of consciousness post fyi! ha). I am super proud of the work I have done so far this summer. I have been drinking a LOT less (in fact just finished a stint of not a single drink for 14 days). I wouldn’t say I was/am an alcoholic but I would say we drink too much. So that has been feeling good. I want to do a 30 day challenge so pretty soon Joe and I are going to try that.

I’ve also been working out a ton. That has been really great. I think I have lost some inches but no real pounds yet. I think it’s due to muscle gain.

Joe is amazing. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything in my professional work or personal goals without his team player mentality. He has SO helped with JM, housework, etc. He has even been exercising more also. Go Joe for the win!

I know this post is all over the place. I’ll get more into it and make more regular posts as we go on here. At least I hope! Peace out for now!

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