Deep Thoughts by Hilary

An SNL classic. Jack Handy. Hilarious. Usually like 20 seconds long or something.

My deep thought is not really hilarious and probably not short. I don’t know. I’ll figure it out as I write here. I have been thinking about this a lot and in the middle of the night last night as I was having trouble sleeping came to this decision. I decided to deactivate Facebook and social media for while.

I got my photography Facebook site rigged up to Instagram so I can still promote my business. That’s all I plan to use it for now. I’m pleased I can keep FB messenger to talk to my best friends, which is a handful. Otherwise, bye bye. No posts to say I was leaving. Just cold turkey- gone.

I’ve gone through these phases before and I come back. I guess I have fear over missing out on things. I like congratulating people and let’s be real, celebrating my own accomplishments. Pretty dumb. It’s like this need to be liked which is stupid. Time to be done with that.

Then you add on all the people shouting on there and being so negative, I couldn’t take it anymore. No one listening. And the people who do the work and research and want to talk can’t talk. No one wants to have a conversation. Tired of it. On ALL sides of the political spectrum. People can disagree. Have their own views. And still be good people. It is so complicated. Social media tries to fit gray issues into a black and white spectrum. I have had enough with that.

I like the funny things. But you know, I can find funny things elsewhere. I liked seeing family photos but then realized, I still see the family photos of people who matter anyway. And my own son? Maybe it’s a good thing to keep it to this blog and let him grow up on his own. When he wants to share them or if he wants to, he can.

I got to thinking that I liked that. I enjoy seeing the old family photos but it’s because I didn’t grow up with it slammed down my throat. It is fun to look back into the time capsule. More special to be private.

Everyone I admire gives more than they consume. Time to step up. I’ll write and share my journey here. I don’t think I will be able to resist funny anecdotes about John or his cute videos and photos. That has a better place on here though than Facebook as far as he’s concerned. Mostly my family will enjoy that anyway. Plus I’m way too much into photography to not share anything. Impossible.

I have my flaws- big time. I care too much about what the wrong people think. Pretty selfish. I should care more about the people who matter and what they think. Spend my energy on them. This is my attempt to work on that a bit. Listen and read more. Speak less- although, I do want to find a way to speak up on things to make a difference when I can and when appropriate. Many thoughts on that but that’s a whole other thing. So many thoughts about all these issues.

Although I haven’t made a post since Friday and have barely been on the platform since then, I guess I have to still say it’s day 1! I might be back to social media land but for now, I’m out and feels great.

This is way longer than Deep Thoughts…