A Weekend in Elk Rapids

Well it is Wednesday- haven’t written in awhile. Rainy day today. Did some errands with John Michael. Wet day but pleasant day.

Monday we dropped off some Traverse City cheese to Mike and LuEllen. Oh! That reminds me I still have some. Yessssssss.

Last night we dropped off some TC Whiskey to Joe’s grandpa. John helped water the flowers. So far, Lew likes the whiskey!


We went up to Elk Rapids for the weekend this past weekend. Really nice time. Good foods and good drinks! Went to Traverse City Whiskey and The Cheese Lady. Cooked lots of good stuff. Good company. We will be going back in about two weeks again. 🙂

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So got some work done here- lots of photography work. Going to be working with my new speed lights tonight to get used to them for off camera flash reasons. Exciting times. Did some work on a project mom and I are working on. Really need to get out and exercise but it’s so gloomy. I’ll do it as long as it doesn’t start to get lightning involved  (electricity as JM would say). My house is trashed again. Just doesn’t take long for that to happen.

Anyway… I best go see what John Michael is up to. Have a good Wednesday!


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