Whew, busy busy. That’s how it always goes. One thing ends and you think, “wow I’ll have so much time.” But that’s never the case. Something always fills it up. JM and I have been busy! And I am back doing a little summer re-teaching to get our music department pupils back on track.


We have been busy working, exercising, cooking, learning to ride bikes (JM), playing outside in the hot weather, trashing the house (again JM only), gardening (blah- picking up all those helicopters!), watching birds, falling down (JM of course), and taking walks.

In other news, today is exciting because today is Day 90! I am proud of this. A promise I made to myself to be active for at least 30 min. a day. (3 days a week I do intense workouts and I’m pretty firm with that. HIT training, jogs, sit-ups/push-ups, weights etc. The other days are dancing or pilates or walks/bike rides. The one rule is 30 min. a day no matter what.) I was going to celebrate with a mojito but alas, Joe accidentally threw all the fresh mint away. Oh well. Wine it is!


Joe’s cousin Jake has a little lawn care business that he recently sold shirts for and donated some money to a group of kids. That’s very cool of him! We bought some and we do our own lawn care, but happy to have some Imig swag!

Next week I have lots of work to do on photography projects!
Hope you all have a good weekend!

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