Wonderful, Busy, Happy, and Sad

It is Wednesday night and I last wrote on Saturday. Mostly because we’ve been slammed. Busy at work and all. There are genuine moments of frustration- kids just turning in blank assignments without bothering to read anything. Kids emailing without bothering to read anything. But then there are kids who are doing an incredible job that make it worth it. Lots of grades pouring in means lots of grading. Lots of forms. Lots of correspondence. Lots of curriculum to write. I wrote for hours. I am proud to say that the 5-12 Band Curriculum for Marinette has been completely roughed out. Now we tweak.

In other news, I found out my checking account has been hacked. Fun times. Tomorrow we deal with that. Ugh.

By contrast, the weekend was lovely. Seeing Joe’s parents again for dinner was wonderful. It has been a long time! Thanks for such a nice weekend, Oskeys 🙂


It’s been hot. My son seems to take after me. He likes to eat food and watch people exercise.  (I have been known to do this in the past) hahaha. Now I know what it’s like to be on the other side while people observe. Sweaty…

Some good foods.

Some letter writing.

img_7229John is happy.

Today I received really sad news. The father of one of middle school student and two high school students (2 trumpet players and 1 saxophone player) died last night in a motorcycle accident. One of the kids was riding with her dad. They hit a deer on the highway. Such a heartbreaking thing. They are a truly great family. So many thoughts.

The world seems to hurt. I wish everyone peace and understanding.




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