Sunday, Monday, Happy Days

Rain is a good thing! (Weird: my son’s show just came on and is singing that song, Rain, Rain Go Away). Dreary today but…happy Monday to all! Was a wonderful weekend.

Made some pork and gouda burgers Friday.


My son needs to stop with the stamps.

Got out the bikes Saturday and took a ride. Made low carb breakfast burritos out of what was in the fridge. Turkey lunchmeat, peppers, eggs, provolone, etc. They turned out pretty good. Did some free throws. Also, a very sweet student sent me this surprise card. What a thoughtful student!

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Saturday was my brother’s birthday so we played some virtual cards with him and Christie. Really fun! Cards Against Humanity but a digital version. Worked pretty well! Joe ran out of batteries. haha.

Sunday was mostly relaxing. We watched church and did a curbside pickup for groceries which was really nice for a change. Rainy. Didn’t really eat very good- but the chips and queso and wine with the couch sitting was good times. Remi and I took a walk in the rain though. Probably didn’t burn off the chips ahha.

Today I got things done but it was hard. Wet and cold. Did my intervals in the rain. Got the school stuff done. Made a good dinner. Not too bad. I heard the rain lingers tomorrow but should clear up Wednesday. Hope so.

Well, gotta go check some emails and wind down for the evening. Hope you all have a good Tuesday. Peace for now!

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