Long days, good foods

Long Tuesday and Wednesday. Hence, the late post today. Long and productive meetings but also good work with students. And today the middle school students and I had some fun with some music jams and trivia! They are the coolest. Got out for a run (intervals) and a walk to clear my head. The weather was quite nice.

So when I was younger and much too old, I colored on the basement walls with crayon. I was pretending to be a teacher and was writing things like math problems and English on the walls and talking to my fake class. But I’ll give it to my parents- way too old for that. Karma y’all. John Michael has colored in crayon in his bedroom. In marker on the living room windows. Paint covers the furniture in the sunroom. Yesterday’s addition: markers in the carpet. Jammed right up in there. Good times. On the plus side, I am starting to see him draw things like cars, suns, and volcanoes!

But… at least the foods were good. I am starting to perfect my salmon making- was really good! Lemon and butter but also fresh dill out of my garden- (that Aerogarden is so cool- thanks Mom!), and a hint of spice with some cayenne. Sweet potatoes are getting perfected too. Joe is really liking those lately.


Tonight I made a Hello Fresh meal which was pretty good. Bruschetta chicken with bacon mashed potatoes and asparagus. Could definitely make that again. They sent some basil that looked pretty sad. Good news, I just went to the old sunroom garden and cut my own fresh basil!


Ended last night with some stories and so I should probably go and get that underway for this evening.


Time to relax, much needed. Have a good evening!

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