Mother’s Day Weekend

Good morning!

Lovely weekend. We made steaks, mushrooms, potatoes, and salad Saturday night. Everything was set to go on the grill (except the salad) but the propane went out as the potatoes were on. So I saved it on the stovetop. Tasty stuff!

Joe is the best of husbands. He got me some “prizes” (as John Michael says). I love the way he wrapped this up in an Easter basket. haha. We made breakfast together and I made fresh orange juice! He made the perfect egg (he’s super proud of it). He cleaned up the house and I got to watch all the Hugh Jackman movies I wanted. Took a drive to be in the car parade for his grandma. Called all the moms which was fun. A nice fire. Overall, quite lovely.

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Here’s a few photos of all the moms in our life. We are pretty lucky.

And of course, this little stinker made me a mom and he is my one. He has his moments like any of us but overall he’s so sweet and we are very blessed.


Hope everyone had a good weekend. Back to work for me with my new “camp” coffee mug!



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