Friday, Friday!

Remember that song that was just called, “Friday”? hahahah. Anyway, it’s GORGEOUS outside. Can’t wait to take a drive. Also busted out my sandals which is good stuff too.

Lessons today for a bit, meetings. Then a drive up to drop off some things on the porch of music colleagues that we got when we cleaned up the high school band room. Then will come back and work on the home front. Want to finish my basement before my virtual conference tomorrow!

Really messed up my back somehow in the last two days. Must have moved or lifted something wrong. Going to try to loosen it up before I exercise later. I normally do that in the morning but just couldn’t. But thinking after I move  and stretch for a bit it will feel better.

Well I am off! Have a great weekend!


“Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards.”


2 thoughts on “Friday, Friday!

    • Yeah I did exercise a bit this afternoon but tomorrow and Sunday are easy days as far as the exercising goes. Just walking those days. Some stretching and stuff. I do some pilates now and then also. Yoga is good too.


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